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Adding HTML into the menu editor

Please make sure you have read the following articles on using the menu editor before trying this;

Menu Editor
Adding An Existing Page To The Menu
Manually Inserting An Item On The Menu - Coming Soon
Changing The Position Of An Item On The Menu
Adding and Removing sub-levels to your menu
Modifying An Item In The Menu - Coming Soon
Deleting An Item In The Menu


What you can achive by adding extra HTML tags into the menu editor

Before using the HTML After using the Extra HTML

Step 1

Log into the SiteWizard CMS and click on the menu editor
Using the Menu Editor (Advanced)

Step 2

Add the new page to the menu by clicking on the Choose Page (above) and select the page you want to add (in this case we are adding Demo to the menu).
Adding the page to the menu editor

Step 3

Click on the Add button and this will add the page to the bottom of the menu list.
Page getting added to menu editor

Step 4

Click on the page that you just added to the menu list (in this case we will select Demo) and then click on the Modify button (Please note you may have to allow scripts if your web browser is blocking them).
Modfiying the details on the page that you just added on to the menu editor

Step 5

This is the prompt script you should get when you click on the modify button.
Image of the Prompt Script window you should get

You will need to type in the following <br /> <span> “the text that you want to be underneath the title” </span>
Adding the HTML to menu

Click on OK

Step 6

Do not modify the text in this one and click OK
To change the link of the menu

Step 7

Do not modify the text in this one and click OK
To change how the link opens a window

Step 8

Click OK on this one to make save the changes you just made (If any say NULL click cancel).
Click OK to save the modifed changes

Step 9

Click on the Save Changes button to update the menu.
Click Save Changes to update the menu editor

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