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Advanced Anchor Links

Before reading this advanced guide on anchor links please make sure that you are comfitiable in using Anchor links and Inserting Links.

Anchor Links Guide
Inserting Links

This guide will teach you how to link to anchor links on different pages and link to them on a different webpage so the client does not have to scroll down to find the correct information.

Step 1

First you need to insert the anchor. To do this move the cursor to the place you want to link to.

Step 2

Then click on the insert/edit anchor button (the icon for it has an anchor on it). 

Step 3

This will open the Anchor Properties box. In here type in a unique name for the anchor and click ok. 

Step 4

Make sure you remember the anchor name as you will need to type this in later on. Do not type names with spaces instead use an underscore (_).

Step 5

Finish adding all the anchoring links on the webpage. Once this is done click "Save Changes" to update the webpages.

Step 6

Go to the page where you want to insert the links that will go to a certain part on a differnet webpage.


Step 7

Highlight the text that you want to be the link.


Step 8

Click the insert/edit link button (the icon for it is a world with a chain along the bottom). 


Step 9

This will open the Link Properties box. Click on the Browse Server button to view all the webpages on your website. 

Step 10

Click on the webpage that you want to link to and also have the anchor links in. (For this example we will click on the About Us) 


Step 11

Here you will now have the webpage you want to link to but it will not link to the anchor at the moment. Place the cursor at the end of the URL box.

Step 12

Now the cursor is at the end of the URL box you need to type in #Anchor Name (In our example we called the Anchor name Why_do_we_use_it) You need the # or the link we not work.

Step 13

Finish adding in the links on the page and then click "Save Changes"


Step 14

View your website and test the links out.

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