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Outgoing SMTP Server Limitations

If you are using mail.[your domain name] as your outgoing smtp server, the following sending limitations have been put in place, these cannot be changed:

  • Webmail: You are limited to 50 emails per day.
  • PC Software (such as Outlook): There is no limit apart from a maximum of 100 recipients per message.
  • Distribution List (accessed via your control panel at -  This can be used as many times as you like. Although it is limited to 2500 users per list.
  • Web Servers: Scripts running on the web servers are limited to 1000 emails per 12 hours.

Within email software installed on your computer then the default file size limit for sending emails is 50MB. However, the encoding used to send a 50MB file in e-mail will cause the actual mail text to be a fair bit larger, usually adding about 33% on to the total size. This is due to the binary encoding, uuencode, which will create a mail that's actually closer to 66MB, which will be larger than the limit of the mailserver.

Of course, those figures may vary depending on the file type but what I've given is general guidance.

Because mail is designed for sending text, special provisions have to be made to send binary files reliably. That makes it very inefficient with regards to size and bandwidth.

So,we recommend you do not send any emails larger than say 35MB via email.

We should like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have a zero tolerance policy on users sending unsolicited email, in the event that the systems deliberately used for this purpose, then we will be forced to suspend the user's account.

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