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  • Meta Tags (Keywords) For Web Pages
    The SiteWizard Page Editor allows you to set the Meta Tag information for individual pages. This means you can make the information they hold much ...
  • Make a large image appear when a small image is clicked on
    First of all you need to resize your images to the correct size, click here for our image resizing guide. Please ensure you name them ...
  • Menu Editor
    By using the SiteWizard Menu Editor you can create you very own custom menu structure with multi-tiered levels that allow you to group similar items ...
  • My new website has just gone live and I cannot access my emails.
    If you have fully transferred your domain to us or have recently changed the name servers to get your website live, you will need to ...
  • Mailing List
    Step 1 Log in to the control panel and click on the Mailing Lists icon. Step 2 Enter a name for your mailing list into the Mailing List ...

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Latest FAQs
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