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  • Control Panel: Change Password
    Answer: Step 1 Log in to the control panel and click on the mail boxes icon. Step 2 Scroll down to the Modify Mail Boxes and hover over ...

  • Setting Up: Email Accounts In ThunderBird (3.1.6)
    Answer: Step 1 Load ThunderBird and click on 'Tools' and then 'Account Settings...' Step 2 On the Account Settings window, click 'Account Actions', then 'Add Mail Account'.   Step 3 In 'Your ...

  • Updates: Update 1.3.0
    Answer: Update 1.3.0 This update Introduces the following features: Clients Area We have created an Area that will let the shop owner (or who got permission) to change various basic ...

  • Setting Up: Email Accounts In ThunderBird (45.7.1)
    Answer:   To add your email account to Thunderbird, first you need all your email account settings. If you do not have these settings, please email ...

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