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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

We have teamed up with Brad Callen - one of the top search engine optimisation experts in the world, to bring you a free 90 page guide to optimising your SiteWizard website. Brad normally sells this e-book at $89.99 - but has agreed to let us give it away to our clients because it advertises his optimisation software called SEO Elite. You are NOT required to buy his software and the information in the guide is just as useful without buying it, but if you buy his software, it will greatly speed up your site optimisation procedures. 

NOTE: The guide features our OLD cms system but the TECHNIQUES are just as valid with our new one!

To download the FREE guide, simply RIGHT CLICK on the link below and select SAVE TARGET AS:

Search Engine Optimisation by Brad Callen

 You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader to read this book 

Getting to the top of Google isn't instant! - It takes time, effort and patience.

Google AdWordsIf you don't have time to optimise your site - get STRAIGHT to the TOP of Google TODAY! We highly recommend signing up for Google Adwords and getting extra visitors to your site. Click the link on the left and signup today.

If you have ever been offered "Guaranteed search engine placement for £xx per month" then you are almost certainly being ripped off. The "scam" is to list all the search engines that you WANT to be in the top ten results for (like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista etc.) and then list a few search engines you haven't heard of. When the GUARANTEED RESULTS are investigated - you find that you are only in the top ten results of the search engines that you haven't heard of - and on further investigation you find that the company that sold you the service runs these sites. It is a popular and profitable scam. Don't be taken in. DEMAND to see results they have had for REAL PEOPLE and take up references from them. Always remember that 90% of search engine optimisation is OFFSITE (read Brads guide - link above), and takes TIME. If they are only charging a few pounds per month it simply isn't possible to get you to the top of Google for that kind of money. Large corporates have dedicated TEAMS of people working full time to get them to the top of Google, and it still isn't guaranteed!

Read Brads guide and you will know more about search engine optimisation than 99% of UK webmasters. The rest is up to you.

Good Luck with your website!

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