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What is the Affiliate Program?

If you are running an ecommerce shop you should learn about AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. Affiliate programs are HUGE in the United States and making their affiliates and, more importantly, the online shop owners a FORTUNE. The UK is YEARS behind the USA.

Lots of people link to our site because they like our site and want to tell others about it. We've implemented an Affiliate Program to say "thanks" for linking to us and to allow others to share in our success! - We SHARE any money that is made from sales to visitors that you send us - by paying a commission of XX% on the sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Is a relationship between online shop owners (YOU) and affiliates (OTHERS). Affiliate marketing can only be achieved using clever software that allows other people to earn commission on any sale(s) that they send to your website. They are promoting your website by getting a reward with a fixed percentage of the sale.

An affiliate program will get you sales AND quality inbound links. Please Click Here for our guide to see why inbound links are SO important.

SiteWizard's ecommerce solution has a world class, multi-tier, affiliate program which can be purchased for a couple of hundred pounds, and this price includes the design of two attractive banners.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Affiliates push you to the top of Google.
  2. The higher you are in Google results to the more affiliates you will be able to get.
  3. The affiliate software in our ecommerce solution has no ongoing costs.
  4. Approve who you want to become an affiliate.
  5. Promote your ecommerce site in different ways.

How Does it Work?

Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on a link from your website OR from a legitimate email you send out, a cookie containing your unique affiliate ID will be used to recognise the visitor if they visit us again. If this person decides to buy from us now or up to one year future, you will be credited with XX% commission of the donation.

Anyone who clicks from your link and visits our site will be identified as YOUR traffic and you'll get XX% of any purchases they make.

Example : If a visitor to your site clicks on our link and purchases £100 worth of products - you will be receive a commission of £XX.XX (XX% of the purchase price).

How Our Affiliate Marketing Software Works?

Affiliate marketing is made possible by the use of our clever software. Our affiliate software is embedded into our ecommerce solution, making it easy to operate with very little additional administrative overhead.

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